This Moment will Last Forever

This Moment will Last Forever

One day you're 5 and starting your first day at school. One day you're 18 graduating from high school and entering the "Big" world. And the next thing you know, you're spending your everyday on repeat just to get by. Before you know it, life passes you by with a blink of an eye.


This Moment will Last Forever INSPO

'TMWLF' is our mini crossbody bag collection. Its inspiration originates from the feeling of growing older too soon and not having the full opportunity of enjoying life's treasures. In a world full of chaos, we often lose sight of our journey and only focus on our destinations. We wanted others to appreciate the(ir) Now and to give attention to life happening in the moment because all are eventually lost to the past. 

Whether its going to the movies on your own for the first time, giving yourself a solo date day, reconnecting with far away friends, going on a drive, trying something new, or even falling in love. "This moment", right now.. will last forever and live on in memory if we choose it to be. 

As cliché as it sounds, "Life is short" and we want to inspire you to live in the moment and have these moments (big or small) to last forever! 


I hope you can take away even a little bit of your worries of the future and start enjoying your NOW. Have fun and create your memories you can look back to when you're older.




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