Until we meet again COLLECTION

Until we meet again COLLECTION

People come into our lives and are planted there for a reason. And as much as we want them to stay for the long run, sometimes we're forced to move on without them. 

Until we meet again INSPO

'UWMA' was our very first tote bag collection. Its inspiration comes from parting ways with your loved ones. It was created to serve as a reminder and memory of the special people in our lives in moments when we're apart. 

'Until we meet again' holds a significant meaning to us (Loveejai), however I also thought about how it may connect with our community and those who stumble upon our brand. And what came to mind is how we all at some point in our lives had to let go of another, whether is was voluntary or not. We all have to separate with our people every now and then. Sometimes our stories collide again and sometimes it's our very last. 

We wanted others to remember these special people in their lives as sometimes they drift away from our memory. But also, to remind ourselves of Ourselves. Because who we were last year may not be who we are today. And it just plays as this role to awaken one's memory of what once was and of what could be.


So, why strawberries? 


While brainstorming and illustrating this design, I wanted our followers/community online to take part with decision making. We asked our IG family what they wanted to see most in this collection and strawberries were a fan favorite. 


When you think of this quote, who is the first person on your mind?

If you thought of someone, that person IS special to you. (& I hope you continue to live to your fullest.. until you guys meet again!)






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