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THIS MOMENT Mini Crossbody (Light Blue)

THIS MOMENT Mini Crossbody (Light Blue)

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💙 Mini crossbody in Light Blue. 💙 


✨ This moment will last forever ✨ 

"This moment will last forever" was created to inspire others to cherish those moments that may never come again. There are events in our lives that sparkle , but those events only happen once. Those moments that feel as if they will last forever live on only in memory. So appreciate the Now. Embrace this moment. And believe that when you do, it Will last Forever.



Size measurements: 23cm x 21cm x 10cm

Material: 12oz



  • 1 Detachable Adjustable Strap
  • 2 Outer Side Pockets
  • 1 Inner Pocket with Zipper
  • Button Closure
  • Handle Strap

*product does not include skincare shown in the image*


Care Instructions: Our totes are machine washable. For a more thorough cleaning method, we do recommend hand washing the product as the washing machine may leave unclean areas. PLEASE AVOID DRYER-ING IT IN HEAT. Hang Dry your totes after every wash. 

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